Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A temporary diversion

Ever since introducing the product key a little over a year ago, donations have gone from a trickle to a consistent several hundred dollars per month, with a few months hitting $1000. Your support keeps me from having to get a real job so I can focus on GSP full time.

At least, that is the goal. In reality, my expenses are quite a bit more than $1000 a month, and this summer my savings account hit rock bottom. I called up a few consulting companies, and a fine one named Beacon Technologies hooked me up with a contract at CUNA Mutual Group. I am now working for them full time for the next few months.

Fortunately, these lucrative contracts bring in more money than I can spend, so after a few months the savings will be stoked and I can get back to full time work on GSP. I can’t wait to work on all the cool new features that are swimming around in my head. I am passionate about keeping GSP the top .NET web gallery and expect that it will soon become the #1 web gallery. I will be publishing a roadmap of the next major features in the near future.

Your donations have a direct effect on how much time I spend on GSP. Keep them coming so I can get back to GSP development. Thanks!

During this time I will continue to answer your questions on the forums and provide advice and assistance on your installation and customization efforts. Note that I am not available for contract work at this time, but will be when my CUNA contract is over, which is expected to last through summer 2010.