Monday, August 1, 2011

Patch updated for DotNetNuke 6 bug

DotNetNuke 6.0.0, released a couple weeks ago, contains significant UI updates and new features. Gallery Server Pro is fully compatible with this release except for one issue I fixed today. Clicking the Browse button on the Add objects page doesn’t show the file open dialog box. Instead, nothing happens. This occurs only for IE9 users in standards mode; in compatibility mode – and for other browsers – it works fine.

I had to dig into the ComponentArt source code to fix the javascript for the Upload control. ComponentArt had some IE-specific code for calculating the position of elements on the screen. IE9 changes how they are calculated, resulting in a broken browse button. The fix was easy enough – just an extra condition in one of the functions to alter behavior based on whether IE is in compatibility or standards mode.

I updated the patch to include the fixed ComponentArt.Web.UI.dll. Just copy it into your bin directory. Although my tests indicate the issue is only with the DotNetNuke version of Gallery Server Pro, you may find you need it for the stand-alone or WPI version if you have GSP integrated into an existing application. How can you tell if you need it? Well, try to upload a file with IE9. If it works, you don’t need it. Smile