Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free license to all donors!

I am continually amazed that there are people who support Gallery Server Pro with donations. It is so easy to just grab a product key and skip the donation, but many of you take the extra time and send a few of your hard-earned bucks my way. I still can’t quite pay my bills with it, but it gets me most of the way there.

I want you to know how much I appreciate it, so with my best Oprah voice, I now announce “You get a license! And you get a license! Every donor gets a license!”

A couple hours ago I sent out hundreds of e-mails – one to every person who has ever donated to Gallery Server Pro. In that e-mail I included a coupon code for a free license for the Professional Edition of the new Gallery Server Pro DotNetNuke Module. If for some reason you donated but did not get an e-mail (maybe your e-mail address changed), please contact me and if I can find some record of you I’ll be glad to set you up.

This offer applies to all people who donated before October 26, 2010. I am happy to take any donation amount at any time, and while this offer applies only to past donors, I will gladly send you a free Dilbert book for donations of $50 or more (use the Product Key Wizard).

Once again, thanks for supporting me so that I can work on my second true love (you know, after Margaret).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module Released

For several years users have asked for a DotNetNuke version of Gallery Server Pro. Today we reach the culmination of more than a year of work – the immediately availability of Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module! You can now have a gallery in your DNN site that efficiently and easily manages any file type, including photos, video, audio, and documents.

Play with a live demo. Download a fully functioning, 30-day trial version here. Then grab the QuickStart Guide.


Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module features all the benefits of the stand-alone version of Gallery Server Pro, plus several new ones for 2.4:

  • Customizable user interface
  • Optional treeview navigation
  • Thumbnails extracted from video, PDF, HTML, TXT and EPS files
  • Multiple galleries
  • HTML5 support for <video> and <audio> tag
  • CSS rounded corners and shadows
  • IE9 users receive CSS rounded corners/shadows, while older versions use fallback technique
  • Improved .NET 4 support
  • Reorganized site admin pages
  • Moved contents of galleryserverpro.config to database (reduces app restarts)
  • No longer uses the ASP.NET profile provider

In addition, there are several features unique to DotNetNuke:

  • Tight integration with DotNetNuke’s users and roles
  • Integration with DotNetNuke’s search engine
  • Easy installation using DotNetNuke’s module architecture

More details about the features can be found in my previous blog posts:

Release Candidate Available for DotNetNuke Module

Gallery Server Pro 2.4 DotNetNuke Module Beta Released

Free Technical Support

I have offered free technical support for Gallery Server Pro users ever since the first release, and this practice continues for the DotNetNuke module. The forums now contain a Gallery Server Pro DotNetNuke Module section. Post any questions, comments, or technical support issues there.


The module is released under a commercial license. Convert the trial to a licensed version at any time by purchasing a product key at snowcovered.com.

There are two versions of the module:

Gallery Server Pro Professional - $69 Full functionality, unlimited number of media objects, can be installed on unlimited number of portals in a single DotNetNuke installation. No source code.

Gallery Server Pro Enterprise - $199 Includes all features of the Professional version, plus source code.

The stand-alone version of Gallery Server Pro remains under the free, open source GPL license. There are no plans to change this, including the upcoming 2.4 version.

50% Off Introductory Offer!

I am offering a special deal to help celebrate this release: Until November 30, 2010, get the Enterprise Edition for 50% off the regular price of $199. The discount is automatically applied to your shopping cart at snowcovered.com. This is a promotional price only, so be sure to grab it before November 30.