Monday, May 26, 2008

Gallery Server Pro API Documentation Released

I have been adding XML comments to my C# code for almost as long as I have been using C#. XML comments are a great help as you code, because they show up in Intellisense to remind you about important details of your methods and properties.

But until now, I have never gotten around to building a help document from those comments. Well, that time has finally arrived. I spent the last few days playing with Sandcastle and the Sandcastle Help File Builder. Most of that time I spent going through all my comments and adding tags and filling in a few missing comments here and there.

If you are a developer modifying the Gallery Server Pro source code, this document can help you wrap your head around the namespaces and classes.

Download the Gallery Server Pro API Documentation. Note: You may have to unblock the CHM file. If the file does not display content, right-click the file, choose properties, and then click Unblock.

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