Thursday, March 3, 2011

2.4.6 patched with minor bug fixes

Since releasing 2.4.6 on February 21, a few bugs have surfaced. I wanted to quickly fix them instead of making you wait for the next release, so I updated the existing 2.4.6 versions to include the fixes. These were updated today, so if you downloaded them earlier, you may want to upgrade.

These bugs were fixed:

  • BUG: ArgumentOutOfRangeException on account creation page when anonymous browsing is disabled
  • BUG: Auto-synch fails when images contain GPS data
  • BUG: (DotNetNuke only) Auto-sync function causes error emails to not be sent
  • BUG: “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime” error after enabling auto-sync in non-United States cultures
  • BUG: Cannot play audio or video when option 'Allow anonymous browsing of high resolution images' is disabled

There were also a few changes in behavior for the HTTP handler that serves media files to the browser:

  • A request for a resource that no longer exists now returns an HTTP 404 status code. Previously it returned 200 (OK) with an empty body. This change helps search bots know when to remove an item from its database.
  • File-not-found errors are no longer logged as an error. This is because search bots re-indexing a site can generate hundreds of file-not found errors by requesting items that had been moved or deleted since the last time. This shouldn’t be treated as an error.
  • A request that fails the security test now returns an HTTP 403 (forbidden) status code. Previously it return 200 (OK) but didn’t include the media file. This is basically a “best practice” change that shouldn’t have much impact.

The final change is that e-mails are no longer sent each time an auto-sync begins and ends. They are, however, logged to the error log – even though they are not errors. (Note to self: In a future version rework the error log to be an EVENT log.)


If your current version is earlier than 2.4.6, follow the standard upgrade instructions in the Admin Guide. If you are already on 2.4.6, just replace the following files in your bin directory with the ones from the 32-bit or 64-bit download (doesn’t matter, since these three are the same in both):

  • GalleryServerPro.Business.dll
  • GalleryServerPro.ErrorHandler.dll
  • GalleryServerPro.Web.dll

DotNetNuke Users – Download the latest ZIP module and install just as you would a new module. The installer will ask if you want to repair the current installation. Choose yes.

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