Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patch For 2.5.0 Released

Edit: 2011-06-23 – added fixes for two new issues.
Edit: 2011-06-28 – added fixes for two more issues.
Edit: 2011-07-12 – added fixes for four more issues.
Edit: 2011-08-01 – added fix for one issue.
Edit: 2011-08-05 – added fix for one issue.

Today I released a patch for 2.5.0 to fix a few bugs that came to light after its release. The patch includes fixes for all three variants of Gallery Server Pro – the stand-alone version, the WPI version, and the DotNetNuke module.

To apply the patch, first make sure your site is running 2.5.0. Then download the patch and navigate to the folder that pertains to your flavor of GSP (stand-alone, WPI, or DNN). Copy the DLLs it contains to your bin directory. That is it – you do not have to restart IIS or go through an upgrade wizard.

Download the patch here. Here is what is fixed:

  • Viewing error log generates "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" error – This may happen when the server has a non-US culture.
  • An ArgumentNullException may be thrown during an auto-sync – I believe this happens only when one or more of your images contain GPS data.
  • (DotNetNuke only) Error when anonymous browsing is disabled for a gallery and an anonymous user attempts to view it
  • (added June 23) Error "Property cannot be found" when adding or syncing an image
  • (added June 23) Error "Object must be initialized before operation can be performed" when adding or syncing an image
  • (added June 28) Error "Unexpected property type or value" when adding or syncing an image
  • (added June 28) ArgumentException or InvalidOperationException when adding or syncing an image
  • (added July 12) Error FileNotFoundException occurs during a synchronization
  • (added July 12) Error OverflowException when adding or syncing an image
  • (added July 12) User given incorrect confirmation message after rotating images
  • (added July 12) Wrong MIME type may be sent to browser for some media objects
  • (added August 1) Nothing happens when you click the Browse button on the Add objects page when using IE 9 in DotNetNuke 6.0.
  • (added August 5) A timeout error in FFmpeg interrupts synchronization

These fixes will be included in the next official release.

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