Friday, March 22, 2013

V3.0 Beta Refreshed

Today I released an updated beta version of Gallery Server Pro 3.0. Get it here:

Download Gallery Server Pro 3.0 Beta
Download Gallery Server Pro 3.0 Beta (source code)

See a demo of the beta here.

There is no support for upgrading an earlier beta. Delete the first beta and install this anew.

NOTE: An authentication cookie left over from the beta can trick the new version into thinking you are logged on, causing a problem when it can’t find a record for the user in the database. To prevent this, log out of your browser before deleting the beta.

The refresh includes these changes:

  • Many bug fixes, including most or all of the ones reported in the beta forum.
  • Changed upload page to use plUpload 1.5.6. (The 2.0 beta had some stability issues.)
  • Replaced the HTTP handler that receives file uploads to use an architecture based on Rick Strahl’s excellent Westwind.plUploadHandler.
  • Switched to a thread-safe architecture for storing albums and media objects in cache.
  • Albums are automatically resorted when objects are added via synchronizations and file uploads.
  • ZIP file uploads are extracted and processed asynchronously instead of forcing the user to wait.
  • Modified the architecture of the next/previous workflow so that the MediaObject UI template has access to all metadata items. That is, you can use the new jsRender function findMetaItem(metaId) to grab any meta item. Read this thread for an example.
  • Improved robustness of synchronization.
  • Improved performance when setting the privacy of an album. The action now occurs asynchronously.


Ramon Smitherman said...

I am excited to try the new Beta. It has the features that I was looking for. Not using it before I have no installation instructions.

Where can I find a guide for installation?

I host on which auto loads 2.6.1 however I am wanted to work with this Beta version.

naasfe said...

Hi Martin
Extremely very nice app and very nice way the video you have made.
We have build an app. for iPhone and also a Web We currently use TinyMCE image gallery I think I purchased a few years ago.
I will get my IT guy review this and then i'll be in touch with you.

Just wanted to let you know I like your presentation and personal touch on the site. A family man, like me.

keep up the good work.

Roger Martin said...

Install instructions are here