Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gallery Server Pro Headquarters Relocated to Boulder, CO

A few minutes ago I fired up the PC in my new home office in Boulder, CO. That’s right – my family has moved from my childhood home in Fort Atkinson, WI to a new home in Boulder. That’s why I haven’t been able to respond to the recent forum posts regarding v3 RC1 - I’ve been off the grid for several days except for what I can accomplish on a smart phone along I-80. Between packing and driving a giant U-Haul truck towing a car across Iowa and Nebraska, I could do little more than read the forum posts the last few days. I’ll address everything in the coming days as we settle into our new life.

We lived in Boulder a decade ago but had moved to WI to be closer to my folks in 2004. It’s been wonderful to be near family but the mountains and culture of Boulder kept whispering in our ears. Last summer we visited Boulder on a vacation and it really sunk in how much we missed the place. Check out some of the top rankings Boulder gets:

  • The 10 Happiest Cities – # 1
  • Top Brainiest Cities – No. 1
  • Ten Best Cities for the Next Decade – 4th
  • Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index – No. 1
  • Best Cities to Raise an Outdoor Kid – No. 1
  • America's Top 25 Towns to Live Well – No. 1
  • Top 10 Healthiest Cities to Live and Retire – No. 6
  • Top 10 Cities for Artists – No. 8
  • Lesser-Known LGBT Family-Friendly Cities – No. 1
  • America's Foodiest Town – No. 1

I’ll continue working on Gallery Server Pro while Margaret looks for a new job. Our 5 year old son is excited to live in a neighborhood teeming with children and having a killer playground just around the corner. In fact, I just returned from buying him a treat from an ice cream truck meandering through the neighborhood. Sweet!

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KenTi said...

I hope the first thing you unpacked was your computer. (It would be in my house)

Congrats on your move. I still haven't figured out where I like to "live" best. I like Washington, but it's expensive. Tennessee is nice, but not to live. Oh well... home is where I lay my head ;-)

Again, congrats and I'm glad things went smoothly.