Friday, August 2, 2013

New live demos for Gallery Server Pro

Today we rolled out several new demos of Gallery Server Pro highlighting key features.

Standard Media Gallery (dark theme) – This is a gallery installed with default options and loaded with a variety of images, videos, audio and documents. This gives you an inside look at what your gallery will look like out of the box. You can log in with username Demo (password “demo”) and add, edit and delete items in the Upload album.

Standard Media Gallery (light theme) – Configured identically to the dark themed gallery except it uses the light theme.

E-Commerce Gallery – Set up to mimic a professional photographer selling their photos in a variety of styles. Integrated with PayPal, you can easily imagine other e-commerce scenarios, such as selling clothes, objects or other physical goods.

The look and feel of the e-commerce gallery is dramatically different than a default gallery, yet no code changes were required. That’s right – no .NET or C# skills were necessary to make these changes. It was all done through edits to the settings and UI templates. As my five year old would say – “easy peezy lemon squeezy”!

More demos will be appearing in the coming days to highlight other features such as user albums (community galleries), watermarking, and the ease of integrating a gallery into an existing site.

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