Tuesday, November 12, 2013

E-commerce integration: Part 6 - Adding e-commerce integration without the Enterprise Edition

This is a series of blog posts covering the e-commerce features of Gallery Server Pro.

Part 1: Add ‘Add to cart’ and ‘View cart’ buttons to your gallery
Part 2: Dealing with the PayPal nested form problem
Part 3: Working with multiple prices and options
Part 4: Using multiple ‘Add to cart’ buttons on a page
Part 5: Selling access to media content
Part 6: Adding e-commerce integration without the Enterprise Edition

E-commerce integration without the Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition makes it easy to monetize your gallery by providing ready-to-use PayPal templates. But the GPL Free and GPL Pro editions fully support changes to the UI templates, so with a little bit of work you can have the same level of e-commerce integration provided in the templates.

Everything you need to add a shopping cart to your site, including several advanced scenarios, has been covered in this series of blog posts. Even if you don’t have the Enterprise Edition, the screenshots and sample code can be copied into your own templates.

So curl up with your tablet on the couch and dig into the blog posts, check out the Admin Guide, study up on jsRender syntax, and scan the PayPal documentation.

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