Friday, May 23, 2014

Tree bug fixed in latest build of 3.2.0

This afternoon we noticed an issue with using the jQuery jsTree widget in 3.2.0. This widget is used in several places in Gallery Server Pro – basically anywhere we need to display a tree of data we use jsTree.

The issue is that when you select all the children of a node, the parents are automatically selected as well. For example, you might want to create a role with all edit permissions but no admin privileges. This bug caused the Admin gallery and Admin site nodes to be selected when all the children were selected, with no way to de-select them:


This is actually the intended behavior of the jsTree widget, as I suppose it is the behavior you want in most cases. But not us. You need to select the children while leaving the parent unchecked if you so choose. If you want to select the parent, fine, but it should be optional.

A couple months ago I tweaked the jsTree library to change this behavior to what we need in Gallery Server Pro. And all was well until I updated to the latest version of jsTree just before releasing 3.2.0. And I didn’t re-apply my changes. Thus a regression was born.

It was easy enough to fix, as I just had to put the changes back in the jsTree library. Tonight I updated the 3.2.0 builds to include this fix. To apply the fix to your own gallery, download the install or upgrade package and copy gs\script\lib.min.js and gs\script\debug\lib.js over your existing versions of those files. Once the fix is in place, you are able to select child nodes while leaving the parent unchecked:


This bug actually justifies a point release of 3.2.1 which I will probably get out in the next week or two, but today is the start of a holiday weekend and I wanted to get the fix out as quickly as possible so you wouldn’t have to wait.

To sum up – if you are installing or upgrading, the fix is already in the download packages and you can ignore this post. If you updated to 3.2.0 on or before May 23, you should update the script files or apply 3.2.1 as soon as it is released.

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