Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Congrats to gallery contest winner Joe Hakooz!

Last month I invited you to submit your gallery for a new Gallery Showcase we’re building that highlights the diverse ways people use Gallery Server Pro for managing digital assets. Thanks for all your great entries!

The winner, chosen at random, is Joe Hakooz from Innovah, a custom web app company in North Carolina. His client is Lacour Fruits, an international fruit and vegetable distributor based in France. They needed a secure way to store a large number of photos and videos in high resolution formats, primarily for use in their marketing and print collateral. They considered building a custom app but when they found Gallery Server Pro they knew they found their solution.

Here’s what Joe had to say:

“Gallery Server was incredibly simple to install and converting to an SQL database was painless. The automatic installation is tough to beat, but my favorite thing is how easy it is to use. We gave the client a quick demo and they haven't needed additional training since we deployed!”

Joe and his team branded the gallery with their client’s logo and other graphic elements using the UI template feature and a bit of CSS editing.

The gallery is for internal company use so you can’t browse to it, but Joe shared a few screen shots. Take a look. Nice job, Joe!





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