Thursday, December 23, 2010

Administrator’s Guide Updated

AdminGuide_ss_116x145The Administrator’s Guide has been updated for 2.4. Get it here. Several sections were completely rewritten, others have been enhanced, and a lot of information was added. Some of the highlights:

  • Updated install and upgrade sections
  • New troubleshooting section
  • Updated for .NET 4 scenarios
  • Discussion of how GSP handles various media types (HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime, DIVX, etc.)
  • New section about galleries
  • Rewritten tutorial for integrating GSP into an existing application
  • New tutorials
  • Info about installing the GSP Binary Pack
  • All features and admin pages are now documented

I am hoping the tutorials are especially helpful. I have always preferred a step by step guide for learning something over definition-type documentation. The guide includes these tutorials:

  • How-To: Convert an existing set of directories and files to a read-only gallery
  • How-To: Set up multiple galleries
  • How-To: Add a slide show to a page
  • How-To: Create a treeview menu
  • How-To: Add a gallery to an existing ASP.NET application
  • How-To: Integrate into non-ASP.NET web sites (iframe Method)

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