Friday, December 10, 2010

Gallery Server Pro 2.4.4 Released

Today I released another minor set of bug fixes – hopefully the last for a while. All three flavors of GSP have been revved to 2.4.4: open source stand-alone, DotNetNuke module, and the Microsoft Web Application Gallery version. Note that the MS WAG version will be made public as soon as Microsoft finishes their quality testing – hopefully that doesn’t take more than a couple weeks.

Upgrading the stand-alone version

Upgrading your gallery from 2.4.X is easy:

  1. Copy the GalleryServerPro.XXXXX.dll files over the existing ones in your bin directory.
  2. Replace these files from one of the 2.4.4 compiled versions (doesn’t matter if you use the 32-bit or 64-bit version):
  • \gs\script\mediaobjectview.js
  • \gs\styles\gallery.css
  • \gs\pages\admin\mediaobjects.ascx (not necessary if upgrading from 2.4.3)

Because a javascript and CSS file have been updated, you may need to force a browser refresh to pick up the changes. Usually F5 does the trick, but Firefox may require CTRL-F5.

To upgrade from 2.3, follow the instructions in the 2.4 QuickStart Guide.

Upgrading DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke upgrades are also easy – just log in as host and install the module as if you were installing it for the first time. DotNetNuke will notice it is an upgrade and update your site. Your existing gallery objects and data will be preserved.

Bug Fixes

  • Album begin/end date may be one day earlier than entered by user.
  • Upgrades from versions earlier than 2.3.3750 result in gallery referencing a non-existent jQuery script file.
  • Adding or synching a video or audio file may hang when GSP Binary Pack is installed.
  • Video or audio file does not always correctly play in Silverlight.
  • Media object may have incorrect thumbnail when it's filename matches another one in album
  • IE 7 and 8 users in certain cultures do not see drop shadow around media objects, and borders and drop shadows are not rendered at all in IE6 and earlier.
  • Large amounts of space may appear to the left of a media object.
  • User might get "Insufficient Permission" message after SQLite installation.

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